About Get Set Learn

Get Set Learn is a series of programs offered by Project READ Literacy Network Waterloo-Wellington.

Our programs are for families: parents, grandparents, and children.

Learning begins at birth. You are your child’s first and most important teacher.

Get Set Learn programs help parents and grandparents with ideas for activities at home that create learning for children while having fun together as a family.

Project READ Literacy Network Waterloo-Wellington has been serving our region since 1988 by providing access to literacy training for adults and families, as well as public information, research and development in literacy, and support to Literacy and Basic Skills agencies throughout our region and across Ontario.

  • Our mission is to provide any adult or family in Waterloo-Wellington with access to literacy training
  • Our vision is to improve quality of life through literacy
  • Our values include dedication, collaboration, innovation, and integrity

Project READ Literacy Network offers programs for families:

Our programs help families get ready for school, and offer parents and grandparents ideas for helping children succeed in school.

All of our family programs include snacks, songs, play, books, sharing, and fun. In our family programs the first hour is a time to play and learn together, and in our second hour parents meet separately while children play in a supervised play room. In this parent-only time, and in our adult-only workshops, parents and grandparents learn together, share ideas, and meet new friends.

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FAQs (Frequently asked questions):

Why is Get Set Learn a good program for me and my child?

Get Set Learn is a fun program for you and your child.

Your child will sing songs, look at books, and play with other children. These activities help your child get ready for school.

You will have time to play with your child and to meet other parents. During our parent-learning time, you’ll get tips to help your child learn at home and get ready for school.

What will we do at Get Set Learn?

At Get Set Learn you will have time together with your child to read and play, and parent-only time to learn and share ideas.

In the first hour of the program, families read books and play with toys together, have circle time and snack time, and make a craft or play a game.

In the second hour of the program, children go to a supervised playroom. Parents go to parent-learning time, where you will get tips to help your child learn at home and get your child ready for school.

My child is just a baby. How will this program help me?

Get Set Learn welcomes babies! Babies love our toys, stories, and songs.

Learning begins at birth, so our program will provide ideas for fun, easy learning activities for you and your baby.

Believe it or not, you can already do things with your baby that will help them get ready for school in the future.

I don’t have my child with me. Can I still attend on my own?

Yes! Our programs are for parents and grandparents.

If you are a parent attending without a child, you can attend the second hour of Get Set Learn (the parent program time).

Or, you can attend one or more of our workshops, which are for adults only.

I can only attend one morning a week, not two. Is that OK?


We recommend coming to our class for the full two mornings a week to get the most out of our program. However, if you can come only one morning a week you will still get lots of great information and have fun with your child.

Let your teacher know that you will be coming one morning a week.

I am learning to speak English. Can I attend Get Set Learn?

Our programs are conducted in English. Call us at Project READ Literacy Network at (519) 570-3054 to find out if you will be able to participate. If not we can help you find a program that is right for you.

My child should go to kindergarten in the fall. How do I find out which school she’ll go to?

You can call the school board in your area to find out which school your child will attend. For a list of school boards and their contact information, please visit our Tips and Ideas, Parents page and look for “I need help for my child” and then Register for school.”

I am not receiving social assistance. Can I still attend?

Some of our programs are funded by the Region of Waterloo for those receiving social assistance.

Some are open to everyone.

For more information, call us at Project READ Literacy Network at
(519) 570-3054.

I really want to join the program. How do I sign up?

Great! We look forward to meeting you.

To sign up, call us at Project READ Literacy Network at (519) 570-3054.