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  • Get Set Learn is a fun program for you and your child.
  • Your child will sing songs, look at books, and play with other children. These activities help your child get ready for school.
  • You will have time to play with your child and to meet other parents. During our parent-learning time, you’ll get tips to help your child learn at home and get ready for school.
  • At Get Set Learn you will have time together with your child to read and play, and parent-only time to learn and share ideas.
  • In the first hour of the program, families read books and play with toys together, have circle time and snack time, and make a craft or play a game.
  • In the second hour of the program, children go to a supervised playroom. Parents go to parent-learning time, where you will get tips to help your child learn at home and get your child ready for school.

Teachers say they want children to come to school excited about learning.

Little things you do together at home make learning fun.

  • read books together
  • play together, and make up your own games
  • sing songs or dance with your child
  • count with your child while you do chores: carrots, spoons, socks, plates …
  • go for a walk and look for letters, numbers, or shapes

At Get Set Learn you’ll get ideas for lots of ways to make learning exciting and fun.

  • Kitchener
  • Cambridge
  • Guelph

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Success Stories

"It really helped me and my daughter not to be afraid of community activities."
"The program has given me the courage to become something greater."

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